Gold Medal and more! “LA County Fair 2013”

September 30, 2013adminNews0


Las 200  have been recognized internationally in “The County Fair” in Los Angeles, United States. We have obtained the following medals with our extra virgin olive oils:

  • Golden Medal, packaging design “Olivo de Plata”
  • Golden Medal, medium fruity category  ”Las 200 Blend”
  • Silver Medal, light fruity category  “Árbol de Plata”
  • Silver Medal, light fruity category “El Cerrito”
  • Bronze Medal, light fruity category ”Olivo de Plata”

We proudly and humbly receive this honor. We will work on tirelessly with dedication and passion to deliver products with high quality standarts, trending design and unique flavor to differents parts of the world.

Congrats to Las200!!!!! :)