Going towards the coast west of Talca, near the ancient town of Pencahue, the field “The Two hundred” extends. With 370 hectares of land planted with olive varieties Arbequina, Leccino, Frantoio and FS17.
Her two first vintages (2009 and 2010) were praised by international recognition awards.

Campo Las Doscientas


West of Talca, city center Maule Valley, we find Quepu Valley, where the field “El Cerrito” is located; which it has a plantation about 250 hectares of olive trees.
In rolling hills , this looks the combination of the silvery green olive trees in their varieties Arbequina, Picual, Frantoio and Leccino.

Campo El Cerrito


Milla is located 1 Km. From Pencahue Square to the west and 5 km. From ” The 200″, having a total area of ​​217 hectares.
For its similutud the Mediterranean climate, these soils allow us to obtain unique quality olive in Chile.

Campo Milla