Extra Premium (Las 200)



Origin: Olives comes from our “Las Doscientas” estate in Pencahue at Maule Valley.

Variety: 100% Arbequina.

Type of Olive Oil: Extra Virgen.

Harvest Date: April 15th – May30th.

Harvest Method: Traditional manual harvest.

Extraction Method: First cold press and centrifuge extracted with a continuos WestFalia system.

Storage: In stainless steel tanks and protected by nitrogen.

Color: Yellowish-green

Maximum Acidity: 0,2 %.

Conservation: Store tightly sealed in a cool place, away from light and heat.

Tasting Notes

Nose: It has notes of cherry tomatoes, green almonds and ruccula, with a hint of freshly cut grass and tender artichokes.

Taste: We perceive green almond notes with a light spicy at the end of the tongue.

Herbaceous, medium intensity, with pleasant and fresh finish.

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